8 steps to draw manga correctly

Let me ask questions. Are you a big fan of Japanese manga or animation? If so, have you fulfilled what you planned or still struggled to come up with your own image. If so, you are not alone like that I also when I first started 22 years ago. With that, here are 8 steps to draw manga correctly.

1. white paper size A4

First, get A4 size white paper. They easily enter bookstores and manga bookstores. You can get a picture block which if you can remember drawing as a child during school days or pieces of paper packaged together.

Even though Japan starts drawing on the card board, you don’t need to start it because paper is available abundantly. I recommend having at least 4-5 blocks of A4 white paper images.

2. Markers, pencils, color posters and rulers

This is a series of important tools you need to have.

For markers, I recommend a pilot drawing a pen โดจิน with a thickness of the end of 0.2mm. Even though there are other markers, this is what I often use because they are always available and therefore it is more easily obtained from my local bookstore in cities or cities.

But don’t draw with a marker immediately. Instead of tracking it after you sketch the pencil.

For pencils, I highly recommend mechanics. Although the price is more expensive with separate pencil supplies, they are worth the price as a conventional pencil and sharpeners may not always complement each other in creating quality images.

To add color to your image, get the pencil color and color poster if you have to with a filling tray, thin and thick brush.

For the ruler, get a short and long. In short, to draw small objects such as swords, rifles, knives, guitars, weapons and boxes while their lengths to design ships, robots, cars and battlecruisers.

3. DVD, comics and magazines

Even though it costs money, they are still important tools you need to make good stories with big pictures.

Unless you are a storyteller and creative artiste, you need a collection of DVD manga, comics, and magazines for inspiration and create mental Mindmap in remembering the most common manga features, expressions and the most common characteristics.

Like their big eyes, colorful hair, different shapes and moods etc.

4. Make your story

Start by writing your story.

I don’t know about you but I usually get a collection of ideas after watching many manga shows and reading comics. Like Mobile Suit Gundam, Macross, Robotech. I started with 1 article but because my ideas were expanded, I made more articles that eventually formed into a booklet and then book with each article as a chapter.

At this point, don’t think about drawing it first. Just think about how to write your story and make it better than there.

5. Create all characters sketch on each page

After you have your story, try sketching all your story characters on each separate page.

At the same time referring back to your graphical comics and magazines for reference and remembering better without copying. The first page must be a character that stands and in normal mode while further must be a variety of different expressions based on their mood.

Start by drawing basic shapes such as circles and oval shapes for their heads and bodies before further adding hair, faces and clothes they wear. It must be for humans and animals.

For weapons and machines, use boxes, rectangles, and triangles as a starting point.

Doing all this will take around 1-2 weeks to perfect everything based on experience and depend on the number of characters you have in your story.

6. Scan and photocopy all your images

To avoid your image from missing or spoiled, make a lot of scanning and photocopy of all your images via your PC and print paper so you don’t need to draw everything from scratch and save a lot of time too.